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For our team captains, here are some tips and tricks for recruiting, motivating and inspiring your team members to reach your goals.

  • Set your goals!

    • Recruitment goal: Aim to recruit a specific number of people to join your team and ask other members to recruit their networks.

    • Fundraising goal: Set a realistic team and individual goal and share them with team members, friends, and family.

  • Build your team!

    • Identify networks of support: Reach out to friends, family, classmates, and colleagues and ask them to join your team.

    • Host a small virtual recruitment event: Explain the Foundation’s mission and let others know how they can help speed progress.

    • Instruct members how to register: Share a link to the registration page and make sure newcomers sign up as a team member and not as an individual.

  • Kick-start your fundraising!

    • Upload pictures: Adding photos to your individual and team pages are a great way to engage and attract potential team members and supporters.

    • Share your story: Let your supporters know why the cause is important to you and why your team is fundraising for The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

    • Lead by example: Make the first contribution to yourself to show your team and supporters you are personally committed to the cause.

  • Promote your team!

    • Post on social media: Customize sample posts from the fundraising toolkit and share the link to your team page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    • Send email updates: Keep your supporters up-to-date on your progress and ask them to help spread the word.

  •  Think outside the box!

    • Utilize matching gift programs: Remind your team and supporters that many corporations will match their employees’ donations to an accredited charitable organization. You can share and use our online resources for finding matching gift programs. If an employer does not come up in the results, contact the specific HR department.

    • Explore sponsorship opportunities: Reach out to local businesses for additional support and consider offering incentives such as adding their logo to your team shirts.

  • Prepare for race day!

    • Keep track of fundraising totals: Teams will receive special recognition if the amount reflected on your individual and/or team page meets the fundraising minimum prior to the date specified on the event website.

    • Reach out to team members before race day: All participants receive regular communication from MJFF race organizers regarding weekend logistics, but you can let them know about your weekend plans.

    • Show your team pride: Make team t-shirts or come up with a unique “uniform” to set your team a-part on the course and create a sense of team unity!

By following the steps above, you'll earn digital badges that will automatically be displayed on your fundraising page.

To learn more about digital badges, visit our Registration Details page.