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Welcome to My Page

Bruce Mckay

Bruce McKay

Thank you for visiting my page!

On August 15, 2022; I turn 68 years old and want to do something different this year. I am a cancer survivor and a Parkinson’s Challenger. I beat cancer, but you can’t beat Parkinson’s (YET), just challenge it and try to keep ahead of its progression.
The best way to keep ahead is to set some clear goals and tackle them each day.  So that is my plan for the coming year. Each goal below reflects a celebration of my 68th birth year
Sixty-Eighth Year Goals
  1. Participate in 7 (can’t do 6.8) fund raising events
  2. Make an impact on 68 people with Parkinson’s and try to make a difference in their lives.
  3. Exercise 680 hours (2 hours/day) during the year. Best way to beat back Parkinson’s. Secondary objective would be to get my weight down to 168 lbs (lose ten lbs)
  4. Fund raise $6800 for the Michael J Fox Organization

My next fund-raising event starts now. If you would like to help me kick start my program, please make a donation by clicking on the DONATE button in the upper right-hand corner. That is the best birthday present anyone could ask for. 

Thank you for your support!
- Bruce


raised of $6,800 goal


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